Cufflinks by WMDEAN


Cufflink artist and connoisseur WMDEAN is proud to present for your consideration…

WMDEANOne pair of NEW handmade cufflinks featuring original art from the Uber Maus Project as shown here for your review. This collaborative collection features crazy cool images that celebrate “The Rat“. The original art has been reproduced on photo paper. Then, the photo is set and secured by hand. It is then protected with an applied self-leveling resin coating. The cufflink setting is designed and manufactured exclusively for WMDEAN. The cufflink setting is made of a base metal with a silver tone chrome colored plating. At the top, they measure approximately 3/4 x 3/4 inch (19 x 19 mm) in diameter. The diameter size of these cufflinks is the equivalent to the size of a US Penny. These cufflinks also feature the ever-popular movable toggle style backing and are guaranteed to stay in place once in place on the cuff. The total finished weight of these cufflinks is approximately 18 grams (5/8 oz.).

Please note that WMDEAN cufflinks are made by hand and may vary slightly from the photo. Slight differences in the detail add to the uniqueness of our product and should be celebrated. WMDEAN makes ridiculously cool cufflinks (with pride) in the USA!

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Über Cufflinks by WMDEAN

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